Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Heat Wave, Working out, Fixing Jeeps and Saving Babies

The Raptor's AC decided to break. And, of course, it broke right before a crazy, humid heatwave! I did all I could to keep our home cool, but the heat just keeps coming! The hard thing about the Raptor is that it has these huge black windows that don't open all the way. So, it tends to get hotter in the Raptor then it is outside and even if I open all the windows I can't cool it down.

[Plenty of ice packs to keep me cool]

[Inside temperature]

[Outside temps... "feels like" is REAL people!]


I continue to go to the gym six days a week. I really try and get 15,000 steps a day and if I am a little short I'll do one of my Insanity videos to get that extra 2500 steps :-) 

[Calluses are holding strong and I can see the top of my socks through my shoes]

In my spare time I like to plan vacations :-) 

Josh is stilling working hard on the pipeline. In his spare time he works on his Jeep (recently fixing the broken AC) and saves baby birds!

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