Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trip to Texas to See Brodee

We told ourselves that once the next segment of Josh's job was over we would take a trip to Texas to see Brodee. And that's what we did!

Josh and I jumped on a plane and flew to Odessa on Friday (October 7th) where we picked up our rental car before driving 90 minutes to Brodee's house. 

We made it there right when Brodee was getting home from school. He was so excited to see us! We then threw him in the car and then made the 4 hour trek to San Antonio. 

[I guess he was tired]

[Really tired!]

[We told Brodee he had to brush his teeth as long as Daddy Josh does]
The next morning (October 8th) we got up and headed to Sea World. I had no idea how the day would go. Would Brodee like it? Would he complain? Would he want to spend all our money on popcorn and blue cotton candy?!

We started the day by visiting some dolphins. They were super cute and friendly!

We then walked over to the aquarium to see the sharks and other smaller fish.

At 11:00 we went to our first show! 

The sea lions were really funny and the otters were adorable!

Next, we went to see our first Orca show. 


After the show the boys wanted to go on a water ride. I stayed behind because I didn't want to get wet. Good thing too!

[Holding Brodee's hat and the camera] 

[The boys got SOAKED!]

[Brodee drying off]

Next we went over to see the penguins.

After seeing the penguins, Brodee wanted to go on another ride. 

[Dang! So sexy!]

[Brodee and Josh went on a tiny ferris wheel while I went and got a snack]

[They said it was "fun, but bright!"]

After an "exciting" spin on the ferris wheel we went to watch another Orca show.

[After eating a ton of blue cotton candy, Brodee asked me if his tongue was blue. Yes, yes it is.]

After the Orca show we went to another water show which featured acrobats, beluga whales, and dolphins.

After the show I wanted ice cream. We asked Brodee if he wanted some too. Of course he did! He was STARVING! So we bought him a $7 ice cream and he was done after two bites. Oh, 5 year olds!

We ended the day by visiting some seals, sea lions and otters.  

We were at Sea World for over 8 hours! Brodee didn't complain about all the walking or anything! He was such a trooper! I'm sure all the popcorn and cotton candy helped! :-)

The next day (October 9th) we went to the San Antonio Zoo.

[Brodee got thirsty so we got him his own lion souvenir cup (complete with handle)]

[Brodee insisted on being our guide and holding the map]

The zoo was actually pretty great! There were a ton of cool animals and it was very easy to get around. My favorite was the reptile house (I love snakes!) and the giraffes! 

After walking around the zoo we went on a little train ride.

We then headed back to the hotel where we had a quick lunch before heading out into downtown San Antonio. We walked for about 4 minutes before we ran into The Alamo.

Brodee wasn't too impressed so we decided to not pay to go inside. Instead we headed to the Riverwalk where we went on a boat ride!

[Brodee loved taking pictures with the "fancy" camera]

After the boat ride we went to Ghirardelli's to get me a treat! Yes, I really was that excited!

[Resting on some steps. I guess the boy was tired!]

The Riverwalk area of San Antonio is so beautiful! The boat ride was a great way to see it!

The next morning we headed back to western Texas. We dropped off Brodee and chatted with Sara and Lane for a few minutes before we headed back to Odessa to catch our flight.

We had so much fun with Brodee and look forward to the next time we can get together!

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