Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nesting, Visit to Ohio, and GD Update


I have started to seriously nest. We've decided that the baby will be sleeping in our room in a small bassinet for the first few months and then we will move him to a Pack and Play in the living room area. Later on we will move him to the toy hauler/back bedroom so he can have his own space. In order to make this work we decided to take out the 8 foot couch in one of our slides and to remove the bunk beds from the toy hauler/back bedroom.

[Toy hauler/back bedroom - Before]

[Toy hauler/back bedroom - Before]

[Toy hauler/back bedroom - Before]

[Couch Slide - Before]

[Couch Slide - Before]

On April 12th, I picked up a 6 by 12 foot trailer so that we could pack up the couch, the bunk beds and a few boxes and take them to be stored in my parents basement in Ohio.

[Packing and organizing]

We were able to get the bunk beds, the couch (barely) and a few boxes into the trailer and the next day I left for Ohio.

I spent the next 10 days in Ohio hanging out with my family while Josh stayed in Illinois to work.

While I was in Ohio I went to Babies R Us with Missy so she could help me update our Baby Registry.

**Side Note: Did I tell you that Josh and I started our Babies R Us Registry a few weeks ago? Josh got off work early one day (due to weather) so we decided to go and get the registry started. I was a little overwhelmed but we had fun anyways!

[So sexy!]

Okay! Back to Ohio! Also while I was there we celebrated Easter with my parents neighbors and their kids AND my Aunt Jamie, Uncle Alan, and their two daughters who were in town visiting!




After our Easter Egg hunt and dinner we celebrated Missy's birthday!

Happy birthday Missy!

During my visit I spent a lot of time with my nephews,

[I love Cole's face!]

went to the park in Downtown Cincinnati,

ate doughnuts at Tom + Chee,

went on a bike ride with my dad,

and to wrap up the week we celebrated Cole's 1st birthday!


He loved the walker Josh and I got him! 

[All clean and ready for bed!]

Thanks mom and dad for letting us store all our things in your basement!

While I was away on my trip Josh put up shelves and clothes racks in the toy hauler/back bedroom. I think they look amazing and it really makes the room look bigger!

After I got home from Ohio, Josh and I set up our Pack and Play in the slide where the couch was. It fits perfectly!


I've been following a diet plan which has consisted of protein, carbs, fruits and veggies. Honestly, it hasn't been too hard. The hardest part has been eating all those additional carbs! It goes against all the diets I have ever been on! But this is for the baby so I'll do what I have to do!

I went and saw my Midwife before I went to Ohio and she said that my numbers were "spectacular" and that if I keep this up I shouldn't have to go to the Hospital (too see the High Risk doctors) as often. I was very excited about that because going to the hospital is expensive and it's a two hour drive just to get there!

Yesterday, April 24th, I went to my appointment at the Hospital with the High Risk doctors. They performed a detailed sonogram which was so cool because we were able to see the baby's face (the last few times he was super shy), his brain, his heart, his long legs, and his round belly! After the sonogram the Dr came in and told me that the baby looks great and that there are no problems to report. He is 1 lb 10 oz which is average and she thinks he is going to be tall "like his mommy!" She said since my numbers have been so great and the baby's sonogram came back normal I don't have come back to the hospital for another check in for 9 weeks! Yeah! Who doesn't love good news?!

[Face - he is looking right at the camera]

[Profile view - see his nose and lips?] 

[It's still a boy!] 


I bought this shirt and wore it the day that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out on Blu Ray!

[My friend Jamie sent me this romper! How freakin cute!]

[I'm so brave!]

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