Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trip to Balboa Island - Part I: Week with my Hohos

I was lucky enough to spend TWO WEEKS on Balboa Island this last month. During the first week we rented a beautiful house on the island and my two best friends, Emily and Katey, came in from Vegas and Tucson to spend the long weekend with me!

We try to get together once a year and this time we decided to have a double baby moon (since Emily [twin girls] and I [a boy] are both pregnant) and have a kids-free long weekend!

I arrived in CA on Friday, May 19th, and the girls came in the next day.

During our visit to the island we ate pancakes and peanut butter (a Hoho tradition),

had an surprise online/pop up Star Wars baby shower for me (the girls contacted a bunch of my friends from college who all sent generous gifts and advice! I do have such amazing friends!),

took the ferry off the island and spent time at Newport Beach,

went to Huntington Beach for the day,

walked around Balboa Island,

ate Balboa Bars and frozen bananas (there's always money in the Banana Stand!),

ate delicious food at Crab Cooker and Wahoos,

went on late night runs to In-n-Out,

got pedicures, and just spent good quality time together! These girls and I have been friends for 13 years and I can't imagine my life without them! Thanks for the amazing baby shower and for coming out to CA with me! Love you Hohos!

Emily and Katey went home on Tuesday, May 23rd, and I spent the next two days running errands (like going to Fashion Island) and waiting for my family to arrive.

[Starting my third trimester]

Josh and I bought my late step-father-in-law's Rubicon. Since we aren't in the market for a car right now Josh decided to clean it up, get an oil change, etc. and tuck it in until we need it.

On mine and Josh's third wedding anniversary, May 24th, Luke and Andie welcomed handsome baby Porter to the family! He is such a cutie and looks so much like Andie's family - except for the long legs, fingers, and toes, that's all Neilson!

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