Saturday, September 20, 2008

I solved it!!

I did! I solved the mystery of the Mormon wedding announcements! Why do members of the church send out wedding announcements with pictures in them when nonmembers don't? Well, I did it! I solved the mystery of the pictured (is that even a word?) wedding announcements. Are you ready for it?

Unlike the real world, Mormons only date for a few months (3 is the average) before they get engaged. This leaves very little time for you to introduce your significant other to all of your friends and relatives before the big day, which means that most of the time those people won't even meet the love of your life until the wedding day (or close to). So Mormons send out wedding announcements with pictures so that we can know what the person looks like before the happy day.

On average, nonmembers date for a longer period of time (a few years...?), which gives their friends, families, and significant other time to meet one another. So when the proposal comes, the friends and family have met the significant other and they don't need a picture of them. OHH!

Does this make sense? Is it all coming together now? 

While we are on the subject, I don't like kissing pictures. First of all, if I haven't met your fiance then I would like to see his or her face in the picture so I can know what they look like. Second, I know you kiss and thats great; however, I don't need to see it. Third, Since Mormons usually invite everyone they've ever known and everyone that their parents have ever know to their weddings, it is nice to have a picture where you can see both people properly (not too close up, not too far away, and not a profile shot) so everyone can know what YOU look like now (since it could be YEARS since you've seen each other). 

Don't get me wrong, I love wedding announcements, I love putting them on my fridge, I love knowing where and when you are getting married... I just wrote this because it was on my mind (since I have been to at least 10 wedding receptions so far this summer). 

P.S. My roommate hates it when you put where you are registered at on the announcement. It doesn't bother me very much but its something to think about.


Ryan and Missy- said...

About putting where you are registered: Emily Post (the queen of etiquette) says it's not proper to list where you are registered anywhere in the invitation. It MAY be included in a bridal shower invite, but after that, it is the duty of the mothers and bridal party to spread the word.

Ryan thought I was crazy because I refused to put that info on our invitations, but judging by the amount of C & B boxes we had on the table, I think the word got out.

AND, I think your theory totally works. I always thought it was becuase we don't send "save the date" cards, which often include pictures of the bride and groom, however, your idea sounds better.

Tiersha said...

Haha soon as I saw the title of your blog it all came to me. I totally agree with your theory. That why they pay you the big bucks ;)

Leslie Elaine said...

Good job! Well, yes, Evan and I havne't figured out which picture we are sending but I think part of it is that back in the day, people announced their engagement in newspapers and people usually put a picture in that. I don't know.

Dont' worry, we won't have a kissing picture, in fact, we didn't take any. But I agree, I don't like on the announcement where you're registered, 50 years from now when we're celebrating our anniversay and get out our old announcement, I don't want to see that I was registered at Bed, bath and Beyond.

Cristina said...

This post was awesome! and I totally agree with everything you said! My mom didn't understand why I wanted to put a picture in my announcement but that's one of my favorite parts of it just because I like pictures so much, but you're right...if you're going to send out a picture make sure I can see you!

Booya Grandma said...

I would like to propose another reason that mormon's put pictures in their announcements. Unlike a normal wedding where only close family and friends come, a Mormon wedding reception has hundreds and hundreds on people. Mormon's typically invite almost everyone in their ward, I think that the picture is often there to let the invtiee know whose wedding it is. They probably would recognize your last but not your first name.

Lisa said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. You are so right!
Love ya...Aunt Lisa