Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh wait... what?!

Remember when I hiked the Narrows? And I hurt my foot? Well, its been three weeks and my foot is still rolling and hurting. I finally went to the doctors. Guess what?! It's not broken... well I could have told you that. I was referred to a specialist who told me that I either (1) really strained my tendons or (2) I tore my tendons. So what now? The specialist told me that I need to do exercises and stay off my foot for a few weeks. If I am not betting in about 6 weeks then I have to go back and get an MRI to check and see if my tendons are torn. To fix this I would need surgery. 

After being told all of this I started getting nervous. I'm more injured then I thought, I can't hike if I'm injured, if I can't hike then I'll lose my job! After leaving the doctor I went to tell my boss what the situation was. 

I expected this:

Instead I got a compliment! My boss told me that if I was someone else then he would have sent me packing. But instead he told me that they really need me to stay at work because I am a hard worker and they like me AND they are willing to compensate my injury! How awesome is that? I like being in the field and I like hiking, but I can't risk doing more damage to my ankle. So, my boss is going to send me into the field for a few days and then I can work in the office for a few days. I think this is going to work!


Sy said...

Sorry that your ankle is seriously jacked. Glad they are working with you on it.

Ariel said...

i should have carried you on my back through the narrows...then you wouldn't be in this predicament. I'm glad your boss is so understanding though!