Monday, September 1, 2008

Good new and bad news

Good news: I got a job offer
Bad news: I didn't take it because they didn't offer me enough money

Good news: I get to stay in UT and be close to my family and friends
Bad news: I get to stay in UT... at my current job

I'm sad that the job didn't work out. I would love a change; a change from my current social life, a change from archaeology, a change from my job, etc. I want to figure out what I'm suppose to be doing with my life. Should I even be an archaeologist? My life is wasting away. I was told that I had the potential to do great thing and I am going to find out what those things are. 
So how am I going to do that? Get another job? Go back to school? 

I wish I could just leave. I should just take out a huge loan, go travel the world, and search for the meaning of life.  Anyone wanna come? Or loan me the money?


Dan and Michelle said...

I'm game. I definitely want to come. I can't loan you the money and I would have to borrow some too. Oh, we would also have to bring two little rug rats along. Am I still invited?

I'm sorry that job didn't work out for you. I was expecting it to. I guess you will just have to see me more frequently now.

emilie s. d. p. said...

You should get a job teaching English in some awesome foreign country, I know people get paid pretty well for it too (I'm talking about a full year, not the few month, no pay, ILP thing people do...although that's cool too).

Cheryl said...

Go on a mission.

You want meaning, you want something different, and you want adventure, right?

Go on a mission.

Ariel said...

HA ha. love that calvin and hobbes cartoon! I'm GLAD that you are staying in Utah...but sad that your job isn't all you want it to be. It's never fun to have a job you don't love.

If I had the money i would totally loan it to you. Don't you wish we could just be given a list of what we are supposed to do with our lives? It would make my life so much easier to not have so many decisions to make.

The Blogsmith said...

"I was told that I had the potential to do great thing and I am going to find out what those things are."

Hey you got that fortune from the Panda cookie too!? I can't wait! :)

Meg said...

I'll give you million dollars!!! And then you have to take me with you!! I WISH! And OF COURSE we are definitely going to Disneyland when you come out here! Call me (949)292-1085. Do you have a facebook or myspace???