Sunday, October 26, 2008

Androgenic alopecia

I realize more and more everyday that men are just as insecure as women. We all struggle with our appearances and we all handle the problems differently. 

A lot of my guy friends are going bald. I find the different ways in which they try to hide this fact pretty amusing. Some will cover it up (always wear a hat), some will result to the comb-over or comb-forward approach, and others will just simply shave their heads. 

Men just need to accept the fact that they will most likely lose their hair. It just happens. Let me simply explain the science behind it (can you deal with that?): there are 4 places on our bodies where we lose most of our body heat (head, bottom of feet, armpits, and the groin). There are only 2 places on our bodies where we have no hair (palms of the hands and bottom of our feet). The top of our head, our armpits, and our groins is where we have the thickest hair (now don't get grossed out, this is just fact). So can we, from this, conclude what thick hair is supposed to do (well, one of the things)? It helps keep the heat from escaping from our bodies. Evolutionary speaking, ONE reason we have hair is because it helps to keep us warm. Well... we don't need it any more. We have other ways of keeping warm. So, as a result, our bodies are using the energy that would usually be used to produce hair, to do other things that we need. We have hats, blankets, and heaters to keep us warm. We don't need hair any more.

Ok, you still with me? Let's continue. 

So why do my friends feel like they need to cover up the fact that they are balding? They blame women. Yea, I don't blame them for that. Many women are into their looks and would prefer not to date a guy who is balding. I know, it is not fair but it is just part of society. Just like how a lot of guys won't date a girl because she is fat. It just happens. 

So what do you do about it? 

(1) Accept it. Most guys will die with very little hair on their heads. Deal with it and move on. Embrace your baldness. Just because you are losing your hair does NOT mean you are unattractive. I have plenty of very good looking guy friends that are going bald and I still think that they are attractive.

(2) Cover it up. Hide it. The truth will come out sooner or later. But if it makes you feel good then just wear a hat or do the comb-over or -forward thing.

(3) Shave your head. I have to admit, some men can really pull this off. I find some bald guys to be very attractive and some of them are my really good friends (I would put pictures of them on here but I don't have their permission). If you really have a problem with a bald spot on your head, then just shave the rest of it off.

(4) If all else fails, you can always use Rogaine


heatherly said...

I found you!!!

Larry said...

Ahhh...a tribute to the bald men. Thanks Courtney! Being bald rocks! I am going to save so much money on hair cuts and hair products! Ha! DeAnna bought me this shampoo that tingles cause it feels good. The bottle is only 10 oz, there is still some left, and it is almost a year old!

The Blogsmith said...

sooo am I part of that list? or not yet? Where do I fall Courtney? HUH?