Friday, March 20, 2009

Bring on the Madness!

Its March! 

Spring is finally here and the NCAA basketball tournament has begun!

I made my bracket (did you?!) and I'm watching the Temple vs Arizona St game as I write this.

I remember going with my dad in 2003 to the Pond to watch Arizona play Notre Dame and Duke play Kansas in the sweetsixteen (3rd round). Little did I know that, then Arizona star, Luke Walton would be drafted to play for my boys, the Lakers.

One thing that makes this time of year so much fun is if my bracket is better then my friends brackets then I win this:

That's right!

Adam Morrisons head! 

Adam played for Gonzaga for 3 years before being drafted to the NBA by the Bobcats. He was traded this year and now plays for the Lakers! Booyah!

The reason the mannequin head is of Adam Morrison is because (1) he was the star of Gonzaga the year the head was made and (2) he is not the best looking guy (who needs to be good looking when you can play ball like that?)

So for the past few years, 15 of my friends and I have been playing against each other to win Adam Morrions head. The game is simple. Who ever has the best bracket gets the head.

I came in second last year : ( So close! And this year Adam is coming home with me. He is a Laker and I want him! Plus, he looks so much better now : )

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