Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guys and Girls

I am fine being surrounded by men. Most of my friends are guys. But all girls need their girls. I need someone to talk to about "girl stuff", I need someone to LISTEN to me when I talk, I need someone to give me just an ounce of sympathy, I need someone who will go to the cafe with me and get a piece of pie (it is pie day you know)...

The guys just don't get it. They either treat me like a guy or like a little girl. They need to just choose one and stick with it. You can't burp and make crude jokes in front of me and then expect me to hand over the car keys when it starts to snow (cause we all know girls can't drive in the snow). Choose one! They just pick which ever one is the most convenient for them at that time. Oh knock it off. 

And you know what? Guys talk, guys talk a lot! Seriously, I make 6 hour car rides with these guys and I will end up saying very little... for a few reasons: (1) I am a good listener. I actually listen when people talk, I ask questions if I want to know more, and I react to what they are saying. (2) I know when people aren't listening to me. Its hard to talk to guys when they have all been trained NOT TO LISTEN!

Its funny because we will get out of the car and the guy will be like "Oh, sorry, I just talked your ear off". Yea, yea you did. And you know what? I'm okay with that; HOWEVER, I would like someone to listen to me every once in a while. They only listen when its convenient for them... are you seeing the theme here?

And you know what else? Yesterday I was told that I talk really loud. I know that. You want to know why I talk loud? CAUSE NO ONE LISTENS TO ME! Today one of the guys said that if I ever got tetanus it would be great if I got lockjaw because it would benefit them all. 

Maybe, if people would listen to me I wouldn't have to talk so loud or be constantly repeating myself. How hard of a concept is that to understand?

Wow, this really was a bitter rambling... Sorry if it didn't make any sense... 

"I'm a woman and I demand respect!"


Lauren Jayne said...

When you can tell that a guy is not listening nor is he willing to....mega frustration! You've got good things to say so hopefully people wise up soon!

Tierney Kirk said...

I totally understand the feeling. Guys need to learn better active listening skills, the ones that girls need (such as uh-huh, yeah, right, etc...). Sometimes we just want a good two-person CONVERSATION, not a you-listen-while-I-talk-at-you session.