Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chargers, Packers, and the Family

I'm a Chargers fan, Josh loves the Packers. As soon as the NFL schedule came out and we saw that the Packers were playing the Chargers in San Diego (yes that matters!) we decided that we had to go.

I called my dad and with all of his connections he was able to get us some tickets to the game!

Not only were we all excited for the game but this was going to be the first time that my family got to meet Josh.

Josh and I flew in from Vegas while my family drove down from LA.

They picked us up at the airport and then we headed over to Wahoo's Fish Tacos for lunch. They have the BEST fish tacos and I really wanted Josh to enjoy a good, California, fish taco : )

After lunch we headed over to Old Town to walk around. There were Packer fans EVERYWHERE!

[Me and Brady... I missed him so badly]

[Me and Josh having fun in Old Town]

After seeing Old Town, we headed down to the beach. Josh has only seen the California beach once before so he took a lot of pictures.

[Every time Josh and I tried to get a cute picture the wind was blowing and the sun was in our eyes. We still tried]

Next, we headed up to the Old Point Loma to see the view and to visit the Lighthouse.

After seeing San Diego we went back to the beautiful Westgate Hotel to take naps and then went out to the Gaslamp District to get some dinner.

The next day was Game Day! We got up early and headed to the store to buy some tailgating food. Then we went to the stadium and got a great parking spot.

It was a cold day but we made it work!


[Dad and Josh getting the grill goin']

[Dad and Ryan waiting for Brats!]

[Me and my mom]

[Ryan and Missy]

[Ryan and Missy... and the sleeping Brady]

[Enjoying the brats]

[Ok this is the CUTEST thing ever! If you get close behind Brady he will place his hand on your face. It is so sweet!]

[Almost time to go in!]


[Qualcomm Stadium]

[View from our seats. It rained the ENTIRE game but we were lucky enough to be in the Club Section underneath a nice roof]

[Josh and me]

[The Packers]

[Aaron Rodgers]

[The Chargers]

[Game on!]

[After the Packers went up by 3 touchdowns... oh the shame]

[But wait! The Chargers scored 2 touchdowns and came within 7!]

[Our hope was lifted a little, but in the end we lost to the amazing Packers]

Overall it was a great weekend. I'm bummed my team lost, but Josh's team won and he was so happy and that's all that matters to me. Josh and my family got a long great! Thanks for the tickets mom and dad!

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