Friday, March 23, 2012

Thunder Over Utah

On March 17, Josh and I went to The Thunder Over Utah Air Show in St. George!

I remember going to air shows when I was a kid at the El Toro Base in CA, so when I heard about the air show coming to Utah I knew I had to get tickets! Plus, Josh had never seen an air show so this was a great opportunity.

We left Cedar early and arrived at the airport in St George at about 10 AM.

The show wasn't scheduled to start until noon so we spent a few hours walking around, looking at planes, and finding our seats.

Walk Around
[Blue Angels]

[We found killer seats right in front of the F-22s. Super sweet!]

[The crowd]

[Getting ready for the show!]

WWII Battle Reenactment:
The show started with a WWII Battle. They had real tanks and air support from old P-52D Mustangs.

F-22 Raptor:
The show had a huge opener: An F-22 Raptor!

I couldn't believe how fast and loud this guy was!

I'm sure the pilot had a great time showing off in the most advanced jet in the world!

P-52D Mustangs:
These WWII jets were so fun to watch!

After the Raptor and the Mustangs performed separately they did a few flybys together. It was so cool to see the most powerful jet at the time of WWII and the most powerful jet today flying together.

Classic Cars:
After the Mustang and the F-22 were done performing, Josh and I walked around the airport and checked out some classic cars that were on display.

USMC MV-22 Osprey:
Next, we had a demonstration from the Osprey.

I wasn't too impressed with the wingwalker but, it was okay.

Before the Blue Angels came out I went and got us some snacks!

Cute huh?!

Blue Angels:
This was the performance that I had been waiting for!

The Blue Angels were just like I had remembered them! They were so fun and crazy! Did you know that when they are in formation they are only flying 18 inches, INCHES apart?! So, so amazing!

Overall the air show was a blast!

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