Friday, May 18, 2012

Josh Turns 27

It was Josh's 27th birthday on Tuesday! Instead of having a party, like we did last year, we decided to stay at home, open presents, and have chili cheese dogs and German chocolate cake.

[Josh's presents -  Thanks everyone!]

We also had Brodee overnight which was a lot of fun!

[Brodee helping Josh open his presents]

[Just hanging out]

[Matching shoes!]

[Feeding dad]

[Josh's favorite meal!]

[German chocolate cake]

[Josh and all his presents - he's starting to collect vinyls]

[Brodee loves his Packers bear]

[Rockin' out!]

Happy birthday Josh!


Brendon said...

Brodee is so cute. I love how much he loves you.


Allison said...

Sometimes its so nice to stay home and relax instead of going out or having a party, as fun as that can be. Love the pic of Brodee cuddling with you!