Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Parents Visit - Weekend in Vegas

Quick post:

My dad had a conference in Vegas a couple of weekends ago so Josh and I decided to go down and hang out with my mom and dad in Vegas for a night.

We ate lunch by the poolside, went shopping at the Forum (my dad bought Josh a nice shirt), and then saw Terry Fator the ventriloquist! He was amazing and hilarious! I was blown away by his performance!

After the show we went to Kokomo's to have dinner. The food was expensive and delicious! Can't go wrong with Fliet Mignon, lobster mashed potatoes, crab cake, and lobster bisque! Yum!

The next day Josh and I drove back to Cedar so that we could see the Solar Eclipse.

Then on Monday my mom drove up so that she could deliver some of my childhood things to me. What would I do without my Beanie Babies?!

While she was here she got to meet Brodee! Finally!

He warmed up to her quickly and we had a fun time playing!

Thanks mom and dad for such a great weekend!

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