Thursday, November 29, 2012

Living in a Hotel

Josh and I have been living in a hotel since I moved to Colorado. The town we live in is SMALL and the only apartments are for low income families and the elderly, so that forces us to either find a house to rent or to live in a hotel. I've been looking for a house to rent but they are either too expensive or they want a long-term contract (that is just something we can't do with the unpredictability of Josh's job). As a result we have been living in a little motel for the last couple of months. It's been... okay. The room is small, but it has a kitchen which has been nice because I love to (and want to) cook. We can't fit all of our things in this little room so we are also renting a small storage unit. We are hoping to  move to a larger city in January, but we will see. Until then, this is our home:

[Main Room/Bedroom/Living Room/Family Room]

 [We couldn't live without our TV!]

[The Kitchen]

[The Second Bedroom (which we use as my closet and for storage)]

The owner has been taking advantage of us being there (rent is EXPENSIVE) by doing some renovations. He has recently painted the outside of the hotel and got the roof repaired. While the men were on the roof fixing it they dropped a large case of shingles which caused the ceiling in our room to break off and come crashing down. It was a HUGE mess and I was really upset about it. Luckily, nothing of mine was broken.

So that is our home for now! I try really hard to keep things clean and organized but it just ends up looking cluttered. Ugh. Hopefully, we can get out of here and into a nice apartment within the next few months. I really miss having a full sized kitchen and my Direct TV. 


Brendon said...

You're a champ. Hotel living would be rough.

Sounds like you had a fun Thanksgiving! Yay for time with family. :)


Emily and Kenny said...

You've managed to make it nice and homey! Love it and you! Here's to hopin' you can get a bigger place in the near future!