Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Omaha

Josh and I went to Omaha to spend Thanksgiving with my brother, Ryan, and his cute family. I was excited to hang out with my family and to see my adorable nephew, Brady. 

We had a great time eating, playing video games, decorating the house for Christmas, Skypeing with my parents, going out to dinner, and attempting to take family pictures in the cold (it was FREEZING!)

[Ryan and Josh putting up lights, Missy is supervising]

[Christmas Tree]

[Missy and Ryan were really excited about their first Christmas Tree]

[Brady and Me]

[Taking family pictures was a little hard when the baby was freezing and the wind was blowing]

[We had cute matching outfits on but there was no way I was going to take my jacket off]

[Happy Brady in the warm car]

Thanks to Ryan, Missy, and Brady for having us over for Thanksgiving! We had a great time!


Emily and Kenny said...

Cute pictures! Looks freezing cold there! Brady is the cutest thing ever!

Lauren Jayne said...

Your nephew is super cute! Next time you are in Omaha we should get dinner!