Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Road Trip For Christmas

Josh and I will be spending Christmas in Wisconsin with Josh's family this year. I am nervous about all the driving and the weather, but excited to see Josh's family again!

Here's a map of our trip:

Rifle, CO (current locations) to Erie, CO (drop off Josh's car at a cousins house) to Fort Morgan, CO (drop of things at our storage unit and stop by the Post Office to pick up the rest of our Christmas gifts) to Bennington, NE (spend the night at Missy and Ryan's place) to Green Bay, WI (PACKERS GAME!) to Superior, WI (where Josh's family lives) back to Bennington, NE (spend the night at Missy and Ryan's place) to Greeley, CO (where Josh's next job should be).

Over 2700 miles and 42 hours round trip drive! It's going to be legendary!

And don't worry CA friends and family. I will be coming home at the end of February for Elder Luke Neilson's homecoming so I will see you all then!

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