Saturday, January 19, 2013

Change of Plans

The biggest reason why I was so okay with the move to North Dakota was the fact that we had our housing situation in order.

This state is CROWDED! All the hotels and motels are overpriced and booked up, there is no where to park RVs and trailers, people are living in their trucks, and most of the pipeliners are in man camps. Since we were told that we would be able to live in a trailer that was already set up and ready to go, I was fine with the move. Little did we know that upon arrival the heater in the trailer would break (this is a HUGE deal when it is -20 at night) and we would be left with nowhere to live, literally, there-is-no- where-to-live!

Luckily, Josh's uncle lives in Wisconsin (9 hours away) and has a nice BIG RV that he is letting us borrow. Thank God for amazing family!

[The RV when it first arrived]

Josh and his uncle spent the next two days skirting the RV while I unpacked everything on the inside.

[Skirting around the RV]

[Bedroom complete with flannel sheets, a heated blanket, and a down comforter] 

[TV in the bedroom]



[Front room - the couch on the left turns into a bed just incase any of you want to come and visit!] 

[Notice the heated blanket and space heater - electricity is free, propane is not] 

[Kitchen with Josh]

RV's usually have problems but in the winter they can be REALLY bad. The water can freeze, pipes can burst, you can lose power, the propane can go out, etc. Today our water line froze. So we spent the day in the -40 (wind chill with 60 mph winds) degree weather trying to fix the problem. Did you know that duck tape doesn't work when it's below freezing? Neither do your hands. 

[Josh taking a break from working on the RV]

The RV also has a broken TV so Josh uninstalled that one and replaced it with ours. It's nice to have a handy man around!

 So this is "home" for now! Josh is really enjoying his new job and I am trying not to freeze to death! Word on the street is that the summers up here are nice. I'm looking forward to that!


Jessica Munk said...

Wowie!!!!! Looks like a nice RV tho. What an awesome uncle!!!

Allison said...

What an ADVENTURE!! You've got a good attitude about it all!