Sunday, January 13, 2013

To the Land of Oil

While we were in Wisconsin over Christmas, Josh had a lot of job possibilities. The top three were: (1) Going back to Colorado to work with his old company, (2) going to New Orleans for a big job with another company, and (3) an inspection job with a huge company in North Dakota. 

All three jobs were in limbo so we were stuck in Wisconsin until we heard that one of them was a go. Josh got a call from his old boss so it looked like #1 was what we were going to do. We packed, left Wisconsin, and headed back to Colorado. We got a room at a long-term-stay hotel and Josh started work. We were informed that the New Orleans job got postponed and that the inspection job probably wasn't going to happen so I decided to get settled in: I unpacked our place, joined a local gym, and bought $150 worth of groceries. 

I think God has a funny sense of humor because less then 24 hours after we settled in we got the call to get to North Dakota ASAP! Even though I wasn't excited about moving AGAIN, I was so excited for Josh. Getting an inspection job is a HUGE deal and I know this is something that he really wants.

So, we packed up our stuff, rented a little trailer, went to our storage unit, packed up the trailer, and headed out! The road was long and flat, but we spent the night in Rapid City, SD which helped break up the drive.

[Somewhere in South Dakota]

We arrived in Kenmare, ND just before blizzard Gandalf arrived. The storm was COLD and SNOWY! Welcome to North Dakota!

Josh went to work and I set up camp in a hotel room while we wait for our trailer to be ready. Due to the storm and the cold weather work was canceled which gave us time to relax, go shopping, and get the trailer ready for us to move in to.

It's hard to move (or get anything done) when the high is -4 and the wind chill is -25 but this is what we signed up for!

This is "home" for now! Pray for snow and wish us luck!

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