Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Thaw Break

No, not Spring Break. We get a "Spring Thaw".

When it gets warm the asphalt roads start to thaw out and soften. If large, heavy trucks run on the road when they are soft it can tare up the roads. So, the state puts weight restrictions on the road when the thaw starts in order to protect the roads. When this happens, the pipelines shut down because they can't run their big trucks and machines on the roads.

This break can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. It just depends on the weather and how long the thaw last. It can be frustrating but it can also be a nice break.

Back in November of 2011, Josh and I went to Texas so he could take a class and get his NACE 1. Even since he got this inspection job we have been talking about him going and getting his NACE 2. These classes are EXPENSIVE, a week long, and very hard, but can be worth it in the long run.

We knew the thaw was coming so we started researching where and when the NACE 2 classes would be. There happened to be a class in Anaheim April 14th-19th, so I was praying that the thaw would happen so that we could go to CA for this class. If it didn't happen in time then we were planning on going back to Texas or to Colorado. It just all depends on WHEN this thaw starts.

Well, we got the word and the thaw officially started on April 3rd. Score!

We hung around ND for a few days to finish up some last minute things (get the RV ready for sitting around, finishing up paperwork, getting Josh signed up for the class, etc.) and then we headed out on an adventure!

We left ND early on Tuesday, April 9th and headed west. We went through ND, Montana, Wyoming (clipping Yellowstone), Idaho, and Utah in the first day! It was a long (16 hour) day but making it to SLC and getting a good nights rest made it all worth it.

[Entering Montana]

[Gorgeous Montana]

We woke up early the next day, after a great nights rest, and continued on our journey. At about 10AM we were passing through Southern Utah and I suggested that we stop and see Brodee for a minute since we were making good time*. Of course, Josh thought that was a great idea, so we called Sara to make sure they were home before we swung by.

It was the cutest thing when we walked through the door and Brodee saw us for the first time in 8 months. He just starred at us. It's like he recognized us but he didn't know why. Josh quickly walked over to him, picked him up, and Brodee gave Josh a hug. It was so adorable! I then said hi and asked Brodee if we could see his toys. He was so excited to show us his room which was filled with toys and books! We played in there for a while and then Brodee wanted to show us his bike. He is out of control on this thing! He goes so fast and has no fear! Stud! After playing for an hour Brodee was getting sleepy (and grouchy) so we decided it was time to take off.

*We wanted to get to CA as quickly as possible so that Josh could have time to study for his class. We were not planning on stopping and seeing anyone. When we finally go back to ND we are planning on taking our time, making more stops, and seeing family and friends.

After seeing Brodee, we continued on our drive through Utah, Arizona, Nevada (stopped in Mesquite for some amazing sushi... strange, I know), and CA.

[Virgin River Gorge in Arizona]

It took us 26 hours (2 days) to drive 1600 miles through 8 states! Phew! What a drive! But we FINALLY made it to Orange County!

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