Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Thaw Vacation: CA Continues

On Sunday the Lakers had their first game of the Series. If you didn't know already, I'm a pretty big Lakers fan. Well, that's an understatement. I'm kinda obsessed! 

They lost Game 1 and I'm pretty sure they will lose the Series but we can still hope, right?!

On Monday, Josh and I went to the beach. We left my parents house on Balboa Island, took the ferry to the mainland, walked across the peninsula, and set up camp on the beach by the Balboa Pier. 

It was a GORGEOUS day! We had a great time just sitting on the beach, enjoying the view, making fun of tourist, and critiquing the boogie boarders. For lunch we walked over to BJ's Restaurant and Brewery for some of their famous pizza.

[Josh found a crab!]

[My parents have these really great beach chair backpacks. I was pretty excited about them]

That night we went to another Angel's game with my family.

[Josh, me, and Luke enjoying the game]

Even though our seats were up high they were still great! We got giant hot dogs, peanuts, and chocolate malts. The Angels lost but we still had a great time!

On Tuesday, Josh and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The park was EMPTY so we were able to get onto all the rides we wanted to and rode them as many times as we wanted to.

[Josh in front of Goliath]

My favorite ride was The Drop of Doom. The ride consists of a huge drop from the top of Superman! I rode it twice! Josh doesn't like big drops so he took pictures of me from the ground.

My second favorite ride was Batman. When I was in High School I came to Six Flags with my family and the Van Dusen family. During that trip Jessica and I rode Batman 14 times IN A ROW without getting off the ride. It was crazy! This time I only rode it once before I was ready for a break. I've always had a problem with motion sickness and it's getting worse as I get older. Bummer!

[Me in front of Riddler's]

The Green Lantern ride was really different and super fun!

We started the day on Tatsu and finished on X2 (the two most popular rides at the park). I'm glad we ended with X2 because the ride was so intense! You know when people scream on rides it's because they are having fun? On X2 you scream because you are scared for your life!

On Wednesday Josh and I went shopping! We bought Josh his first pair of sandals and some nice board shorts for Hawaii. That night we watched another Lakers game and hung out with my family. The Lakers lost, again, sad day.

[My dad "resting his eyes" and watching the Lakers game]

Thursday morning we left beautiful Southern CA! We had a blast hanging out with my family but it was time to start the long journey back home!

[Sad faces because we were leaving]

A special thanks to my family for hosting us for TWO WEEKS and a super special thanks to Luke for letting us steal his bedroom : )  We will see my family soon as we will all be going to Hawaii for a week in June! So excited!

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