Sunday, May 5, 2013

Family Pictures

We haven't taken family pictures in a long time. I think the last time we were all together and dressed up was at Ryan and Missy's wedding. So when I was in CA for Luke's Homecoming my parents decided it was time for us to take some professional pictures.

The photographer did a great job and I think the pictures turned out really well!

[Family on the beach]

[Dad and Mom]

[Family on the rocks]

[Grandparents with Brady]

[Little brother Luke]


[The siblings] 

[Missy, Brady, and Ryan]

[My adorable nephew]

Hopefully we will all (including Josh and Brodee) be dressed up and together again in the near future!


Rachelle said...

You look so pretty and just like your mama! Wish I would've known you were here in CA and we could've gotten together. Next time!

Tiersha Whitmore said...

I love these!!