Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Trip to Kauai: Part I

I just got back from an amazing family trip to Kauai! The only thing that would have made this trip more enjoyable would be if Josh was able to come (sometimes it's hard to be a working adult)!

I left North Dakota on Thursday, June 13, and headed to Orange County to meet up with my parents and Luke. After they picked me up from the airport we headed to In-n-Out (are you surprised?!) to get dinner before heading back to my parents place.

We got up bright and early the next morning and headed to LAX to catch our 6 hour flight to Kauai.

[We flew over all the other islands of Hawaii on our way to Kauai. Here is Molokai]

After landing we headed to Costco to get lunch and stock up on food.

[Luke and my parents]

[We got plenty of fruit and Maui chips]

After shopping we headed to the northern side of the island to find our condo at The Cliffs at Princeville. I am pretty sure that we had the best condo in the whole area! We were on the top floor, on the corner, overlooking the cliffs! Our balcony was huge and we ended up spending a lot of time out there.

[View from our balcony]

[View of the condo (ours is the top left)]

After getting settled in my dad and Luke went on a little hike. My mom and I stayed behind because we were wearing sandals.  

Next, we went to the St Regis hotel on Hanalei Bay to check out the view. It was gorgeous! 

The next day we headed to Tunnels Beach to go snorkeling. Kauai is not known for their snorkeling and we heard that Tunnels was the best so we decided to check it out.  

[Relaxing on the beach] 

The snorkeling was okay. We saw some fish and some coral but it wasn't much to talk about. But it did feel nice to get into the warm water and swim around for a bit. We got rained on a few times but it's a nice warm rain so we sat through it. Gotta love the north shore!

[Hiking back to the car]

That night Ryan and Missy joined us. They had dropped Brady off at Missy's parents house in the Bay Area before spent a few nights on the Big Island.

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