Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Ahhh!! I'm overwhelmed! Just so overwhelmed! 

Everyday I'm up at 3:40AM, exercise, have a quick breakfast, head to work, deal with crabby-patty pipeliners, work my booty off, head home at 5:00, make dinner, eat dinner with Josh (best part of my day), clean up, get ready for the next day, and head to be by 8:30PM.

I'm exhausted! Just so tired. I can't sit still very long or else I start to nod off. Like I am right now...

Josh is just as tired and overwhelmed. 

On top of all of this we still have to find time to go grocery shopping, do the finances, clean the Raptor, and plan a wedding. Oh yeah! We have a date! May 24th, 2014! So exciting!

My parents are doing most of the planning which is amazing because WE JUST DON'T HAVE TIME! Eek! 

It's going to be fine :-)

Here are some pictures from this last month:

[A HUGE rainstorm rolled through the Yard and flooded everything. People were up to their knees in water. Luckily I parked in the back and I didn't get that wet]

[Everyday we go through the Inspectors paperwork. Here is the amount we have to go through for our 85 guys.]

[One of the Inspectors got a shipment of peppers in. He gave me some of the sweet ones. Such a nice gesture.]

[I am so sick of my allergies. I take 3 different medications and if I miss one dose I am miserable! I've decided to do some "Honey Therapy" as a last resort. I hope this works.]

[The entrance to our RV Park. I love the fall colors!]

[Since we don't have time to go to the laundry mat, Josh decided to splurge and get us a washer/dryer. It was a lot of money but I am so excited about it!] 

[He was nervous to cut a hole in the side of the Raptor for the vent but it all turned out just fine!]

[Our "Save the Date" announcements arrived!]

[Josh LOVES to clean!]

[These next two pictures pretty much sums up my job] 

Oh! Christmas is coming so soon! We already bought our airline tickets for CA! It's gonna be a not-so-white-Christmas for us this year!


Emily and Kenny said...

Yay! You posted! I don't know how you did it... you are SO busy! But I'm SO excited for you and Josh! Miss you and love you! You rock!

emilie s. d. p. said...

I've never tried the honey thing but I knew some people in Kansas that swore by it. They said to just make sure it's local & that it can take 2 seasons (6 mos) before you notice it. Good luck!

And congrats on setting a date, so exciting!!!

Syanna said...

My allergies are a lot less of a problem since I made an effort to eat local honey regularly. It did take a few months to be noticeable though. I can't believe how busy you are, I would totally fall apart. Good luck!