Monday, September 30, 2013

The 17/6 Diet

I gotta tell you guys about a new diet/exercise program I discovered! It's amazing and I promise results. PROMISE! Are you ready to hear about it?!

All you have to do is get up every day at 4:00AM, work out, eat a bowl of cereal (Special K with Almond Milk), take a shower, pack the lunch boxes, and then head out the door to work at 5:30.

While you are at work the diet is really easy. Make sure that you are constantly busy. Like so busy that you don't have time to eat or rest or think. Pretty much just carry some apples around with you in your pockets. Also, make sure that you are always on your feet and running around the office. Don't walk. RUN! And then make sure when you are delivering paperwork between the office trailers to do it at a slight jog. 

Throughout the day always make sure that you stay visible so that people will ask you to do things for them. Especially things that require you to be on your feet or moving between office trailers. Keep your abs tight! 

Then at 2:00PM you will need to look at your watch and realize that it is 2:00 and you have again missed lunch. Bummer! But that's okay! Heat up your leftovers and take two bites before someone comes into your office to ask you for a favor.

Drop lunch, grab a peach, a bag of Pringles, and some string cheese and head to the copy machine to make copies for the next 2 hours.

Next, lose track of time and make sure that someone forces you to leave at 5:00PM.

BUT WAIT! It doesn't stop there! 

Make sure that you run as many errands as possible making it hard to get home before 6:00PM. 

Then make a healthy dinner, enjoy a nice meal with your significant other, clean up the dishes, make lunches for tomorrow, and hit the sack by 9:00.

Repeat 6-7 days a week.

I lost 3.4 lbs in my first week! Let me know how you do!


Allison said...

hahaha nice. Just make sure you're getting ENOUGH to eat! :)

Rebekah Stay said...

Holy cow! I wish I had the discipline to work out that early!