Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Josh's 30th Birthday

It was the big 3-0 for Josh this year!

We decided to celebrate by meeting up at the 4 Winds Casino, getting dinner at our favorite Steakhouse (the Copper Rock), and then staying the night in a Junior Suite. 

The rooms are EXPENSIVE and since you only get them from 4 PM to 11 AM, I decided to take full advantage of the 19 hours.

I drove up from work and arrived in our beautiful room at 4:05 PM (no messing around here!)


 After showing myself around the room I jumped in the bath to relax. BUT... I over did it! I poured in WAY too much of the bubble bath and it got a little out of control! The bubbles were overwhelming but then it got worse when I made the mistake of turning on the jets!

Death by bubbles!

After my bath I watched some FRIENDS and took a little cat nap.

Good thing I can watch FRIENDS and play Keno at the same time if I wanted to!

Since we didn't know what time Josh would get off work, I made reservations for 8:30. I also bought some cheese and crackers to hold us over until then. Josh got off work early and made it to the hotel at 7:00. We opened presents, ate some cheese and crackers, and then got ready for dinner.

I decided to wear my fancy wedding jewelry.

I got Josh some movies, a hard hat, and a stand for his computer (so he can use it while in his Jeep). He also got presents from family including movies, TV shows, video games, a base guitar, CDs, and more! Thanks everyone! He is so spoiled!

Hard hat with a beard!

Dinner was AMAZING, as usual! The steakhouse was featuring King Crab legs and we couldn't resist! They were not as good as Tracy's Crab Shack in Alaska (nothing ever will be) but they were very tasty! We also got the Ahi appetizer. For dinner we both got the filet mignon and then we split the creme brulee for dessert! YUM! 


Haylee said...

You are so fun!

Brendon said...

That's one amazing bubble bath! Sounds like a fun birthday celebration.


Leslie Elaine said...

That's a lot of bubbles! Happy birthday Josh! Glad you could spend time together and that dinner sounds amazing!