Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Year Wedding Anniversary and Memorial Day Weekend

Josh and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on Saturday (our actual anniversary is on Sunday). Josh's crew in IL got rained out so he was able to come home early on Saturday. Apparently "paper" is the traditional first wedding anniversary present so Josh got me these Japanese Chiyogami Paper earring and necklace. They are beautiful and are very me!

For dinner we went to a local favorite, Stacks! We both got the fish and it was delicious!

When Josh got home on Saturday I had a nice long list of things for him to do: birthday thank you cards, check for mold under the fridge, remove the skirting from the Raptor, install tailgate cap... you know, guy stuff :-)

Of course, Josh went above and beyond with his chores. He went to the store and bought a powerful hose and brush so that he could wash the Raptor after he removed the skirting! It looks so great!

I kept offering to help but he didn't need me, so I stayed inside, caught up on my Clone Wars TV show, cleaned, and did laundry. 

I can't believe we were able to have two days off in a row and that we were able to spend those days together! 

Happy Anniversary Josh! I love you!

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