Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Family Reunion in Canada: Part III - Raymond

 On the morning of June 30, 2015, Missy, Brady, Dane, my mom and I left Canmore and started heading towards Raymond, AB where we would meet up with the extended family. My dad and brother, Ryan, went golfing and Luke and Andie stayed behind to ride with them.

 [Road trippin! And no, not it was not a good idea to put the large bag of food next to baby Dane in the car! Lesson learned!]

[Leaving Canmore]

[The road to Raymond]

 We arrived in Raymond, after making a few stops in Lethbridge, and met up with most of our extended family at the B and B. Raymond is a small town. SMALL. So we had four options for dinner: a Chinese Buffet, Subway, a burger joint, or go back into Lethbridge. Most of the family decided the Buffet would be a good idea but Missy, the nephews, and I decided that Subway sounded better. And trust me, it was!

After dinner we went to a play ground where all the kids could run around and play. It was nice to catch up with my cousins while we watched the kids.

After the park we all headed back to the B and B's. Missy, Ryan, Luke, Andie, Brady, Dane, and I all shared one giant room and it was awesome! Reed (my mom's brother) and all his kids and their kids were at the same B and B which was great!

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