Thursday, July 16, 2015

Family Reunion in Canada: Part VII - Waterton Lakes National Park

On July 3rd we slept in (as much as we could) and then headed out the back door of the Lodge and over to Cameron Falls. This time we hiked to the 
top of the falls (which takes about 4 minutes). Brady kept running up and down the trail collecting rocks that he could throw in the water.

[Andie and I are excited to be hiking]

[Me with some kids that I kidnapped... by mistake... honestly. I thought someone was going to tell the parents I had taken the kids to the Falls but my message never got relayed. There was a little bit of panic but all was well in the end! Sorry parents!]

[Awkward slanted pictures from the top]

[View from the top with Upper Wateron Lake in the background]

After our short hike we regrouped and headed towards Upper Wateron Lake. On our walk there Brady kept giving me rocks to hold so he could throw them in the Lake. I told him that there would be PLENTY of rocks there (since the beach is gravel) but he didn't believe me.

[Everyone (minus the guys that were golfing) hanging out on the beach]

My cousin thought it would be a fun idea to line all the great-grandchildren (minus three) up by height and get a picture. It wasn't too hard except the two smallest ones kept trying to run away!

The kids all loved playing in the glacier cold water!

[Mom and her sisters]

We went back to the Lodge after the wind started to pick up at the Lake, to have some lunch. Then we went to Red Rock Canyon. Last time we were at this location we saw a herd of mountain goats and a mamma bear with her cubs. We were not so lucky this time.

[Road Trip... again!]

We arrived at a very busy Red Rock Canyon so we decided to hike to Blakiston Falls.

Hiking to Blakiston Falls

Blakiston Falls

[Ryan, Luke and Andie]

We hiked back from the Falls to find all the kids playing in the glacier water! It was hot outside so I put my feet in but it was COLD!

[Brady climbing on the rocks]

After Red Rock we went into Waterton town to get the best ice cream!

After ice cream we all met back at the Lodge for dinner. 

Then it was time for Girls Night! We left the kids with the men and went down to Upper Cameron Lake. Each woman brought one of their favorite things that was under $10. The first woman would get up and give a little talk about the thing that they brought. Then they would draw a name out of a hat and whoever they drew would get their present! It was a cute game and we learned a little bit more about each other. I brought an exercise band and I got a flip flop hanger and a pair of size 7 flip flops. At the end of the game you can trade so I traded away my items (which were too small for me) and I ended up with this amazing foot cream! 

After the game we walked into town and got some Starbucks. Meanwhile, back at the Lodge, the men and kids were having a dance party! 

[The deer in town are NOT afraid of humans so you can get pretty close to them. They will even try to steal your food if you aren't careful!]

[Dance Party!]

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