Thursday, July 16, 2015

Family Reunion in Canada: Part VI - Waterton Lakes National Park

After my grandmother's funeral we headed towards Waterton Lakes National Park. Before we got to the park we stopped in Glenwood where my grandfather Woody grew up. We saw his old house along with the graves of two of his siblings who died young. 

The family regrouped at the Glenwood Pioneer Ice Cream Parlour before getting back out on the road!

As we continued our drive we saw more and more mountains!

At the Waterton gates we saw our first dear! She was accompanied by her two young fawn and they were cute!

After winding our way through Waterton we made it to the Lodge. This huge house is where most of the family stayed, the others were at a small hotel in the downtown Waterton area.

[Back of the Lodge where we ate our meals]

[View from the back yard]

[Spending more time with the baby!]

[Luke playing with Dane]

 After dinner we walked down the Lodge's front steps and found ourselves at Cameron Falls.

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