Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall Plans

Well we have a lot going on here! 

I am finishing my job here in Indiana next week. It's a little bitter-sweet. I'm excited to finally be done but I'm not ready for the paychecks to stop. But it's time. I'm tired and I need a break!

We are leaving for our Colorado-Vegas-Colorado-Ohio trip the week after that. We are driving from Indiana to Vegas, spending 5 days in Vegas, driving back to Colorado, picking up our storage unit in Fort Morgan, and then driving all of that to my parents house in Ohio. It'll be a nice LONG road trip but we are taking our time so it'll be fun!

[I get to see Katey and Emily while we are in Vegas! So excited!]

 Then two weeks after we get back from that trip we have two weeks until we leave on our Honeymoon! 


So here is what's going on here:

I asked Josh to iron and patch my pants while I sat on my chair and watched TV. Have I ever said how amazing he is?!

Halloween is coming and I need these:

The best weather is here! 50s and 60s are my absolute favorite! Rainbows, jeans, and sweatshirts! Love it!

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