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Carlson Honeymoon! Volume III: South Pacific Cruise, Part III: At Sea & Lautoka and Dravuni Island, Fiji

We spent November 10th sailing towards Fiji. A few days before we went to the front desk to book a Cabana. But on the day we were supposed to have the Cabana it was too windy so we canceled and rescheduled for another day.

Since we were not going to be in the Cabana all day I decided to go to the Spa and get a foot massage and a pedicure. 

I had been to the Spa a few times before and each time I went I had mixed feelings. One time I got a head, neck and shoulder massage. It was so amazing! One of the best massages I have ever had! But at the end the lady kept trying to sell me their massage oil. I turned her down a few times and then she tried to sell me something else. It was just a bad way to end a great appointment.

Even though I had these experiences I still went back and got my pedicure. It was great and the lady did a great job!

So far the two cruises were VERY different. New Zealand was colder and we didn't spend a lot of time up on deck, but the South Pacific was warm so there was a lot more happening up on deck so we hung out there more and had a lot of tropical drinks!

BULA! Welcome to Fiji! On December 11th, we arrived in Lautoka, Fiji!

I woke up at 4:00 AM in a panic! I could smell smoke and it freaked me out! I looked out the window and didn't see anything and then I looked down the hall and I didn't see any smoke. Then I remembered that Fiji is really big in the sugar business. I remembered when I was in Hawaii and they were constantly burning off their fields. I knew it probably had to do with this but still had a really hard time falling back asleep.

We got off the ship and found a cute little boat with its enthusiastic crew! The Oolala took us to Savala which is a cute little island where we would spend our day.

We arrived on the island and found a spot where we set up camp.

After getting set up and walking around the 1.5 acre island, they called us together for a snorkeling tour. Josh didn't want to go so I went without him. I saw sharks, star fish, and other fish. I think I also got stung by some jellyfish stingers that were floating in the water. The snorkeling was fine but nothing compares to The Great Barrier Reef!

After snorkeling, we all gathered for a delicious buffet lunch. During lunch the guys sang to us and then they did a coconut demonstration.

After lunch we went to feed the baby black tip sharks. 

And then we went on a glass bottom boat ride. It looked like they cut a hole in the bottom of the boat, put a bucket in it, and then sealed it back up. It was so funny!

At the end of the glass bottom boat tour we went over to "Fish City" where we fed the fish some bread.

After the boat ride we went back to Savala, gathered our things, and then got back on the Oolala. 

On our ride back to the ship the crew sang and entertained us. They were such a great crew and we had so much fun!

The next day, December 12th, we arrived at Dravuni Island! Now this is classic Fiji!

This island is only 2 km long and it has one small village of 200 people. When we arrived we saw some of the villagers singing and a man who was talking on a loud speaker recommending places to go.

We walked down the beach and found a nice place under some trees to set up camp. We then headed out on a short and steep hike to the top of the island.

From the top of the island we could see the entire island plus about 30 others! It was GORGEOUS!

We were one of the first people on the island that morning which was great because we got to hike to the top of the island by ourselves and we got a great spot on the beach.

After relaxing on the beautiful beach we went and got coconut water/juice from some local boys. 

We then walked through the little village where we bought fresh juice.

We then went to the center of the village where the villagers were singing and dancing.

[The kids are so CUTE!]

[Super cute baby!]

We ended up staying on the island for most of the day. Dravuni Island is exactly what I expected Fiji to be. The beach was gorgeous, the sand was soft, the palm trees were green, and the weather was perfect! It was classic Fiji!

That night we went to a show at the Vista Lounge and then went to see our favorite band: The BB Kings All Star Band! Love them!

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