Monday, January 18, 2016

Carlson Honeymoon! Volume II: New Zealand Cruise, Part V: Napier

Back in 2008 I went backpacking in Great Britain with my friend Syanna. While we were at a hostel in London we met Wendy, who was from New Zealand. When I got back home I found Wendy on Facebook and we've been in touch ever since!

When I announced on Facebook that Josh and I were coming to New Zealand she sent me a message and told me that she lived by one of the ports and that she would be happy to show us around! 

We arrived in Napier on November 29th. Wendy lives in a neighboring town so she came over to the Visitor Center and picked us up. She asked us where we wanted to go and since we only had a few hours at this port, we told her it was up to her! 

She first took us over to the Te Mata Peak which is a beautiful outlook!

Next, we went down the hill to the Craggy Range Winery where the did a little wine tasting (Wendy did not join in since she is pregnant with twins) and we ended up buying a bottle of wine.

After the wine tasting, Wendy took us to a local Farmers Market. We walked around, tasted a lot of local treats (the local honey is to die for!), and then got fresh blueberry ice cream! It was delicious!

After the Farmers Market, Wendy took us back to town so that we could catch the bus back to the ship. We walked around downtown for a few minutes before heading back to the Visitors Center.

I want to thank Wendy for running around town with us! You are such a great friend and I am glad we were able to stay in touch for all of these years! Please call me when you are in the States and I'll return the favor!

It was so fun to explore a port with a local. I think we were able to see so many things that we wouldn't have if we were on a touristy-tour! Now it's time to get ready for Hobbiton!

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