Saturday, June 21, 2008

My UK Trip: Part II The Adventure Continues

Days 4-7: London, Sailsbury, Bath, and Cardiff

Day 4: London
- Our first time on the London Underground. I swear by this!
- We visited Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abby
- After deciding we knew nothing about London or what we wanted to see; we found ourselves on a double-decker Red Bus Tour of the city

Day 5: London continues
- We finished our Red Bus Tour
- Went to the Victoria and Albert Museum & the Natural History and Science Museum
- Tower of London and Buckingham Palace

Day 6: London goes crazy
- Syanna and I attempted to ride the Underground during rush hour and we ended up getting separated! Oh don't worry... we found each other a few hours later : /
- After finding each other we went to St Paul's Cathedral and then onto Camden Town. Hot Topic exploded! It was a crazy outdoor shopping center.

Day 7: 4 cities and 3 train rides
- We left London (don't worry we will be back), by train, and went to Salisbury
- At Salisbury we hopped on a double-decker bus that took us through Amesbury and onto Stonehenge!
- Stonehenge is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I did not realize how big the stones were until I got there. I know it was a little out of the way but it was totally worth it. Plus aliens built it (does life get any better?)!
- After leaving Salisbury we headed over to Bath.
- This is the home of the famous Roman Baths.
- After walking around the sites and drinking the water from the natural spring that feeds the baths (it taste like sulfur), we headed over to Cardiff.
- We arrived in Wales at night and decided to go on a "Dr. Who" hunt with a new friend. (Apparently a lot of Dr Who was taped in Cardiff, Wales, and we got to see some of the places the episodes were filmed)

Stay tuned for Part III: Day 8-10 (Cardiff and Tintern, Wales; Oxford and Woodstock, England; and Glasgow, Scotland)


The Rasmussen's said...

I'm so jealous. That looks like an awesome trip. I'm glad you had such a good time. Love ya!

Trapp Family said...

How fun you are one lucky duck....i am jealous. Maybe someday I won't be prego and then I can go on a that is an idea!!