Sunday, July 27, 2008

I hear wedding bells

No, not mine. 

My best friend Jessica is getting married! We've been friends since I was 11 (do the math, thats more then 1/2 of my life)! I love her tons and I am so happy for her!

Weddings are so fun. I love going to receptions and checking out decorations, brides maid dresses, colors, food, cake, etc. because then I can figure out what I want for my own wedding. I really don't need to check out the cake though cause I already have mine picked out:

Ok ok maybe not... : )


The Rasmussen's said...

Oh, c'mon court. I can totally see you having that cake..ha!! Love ya.

~ Jamie ~ said...

That cake is awesome! Yeah, for Jessica!

Lauren Jayne said...

Is that a Charms City Cake? Ace of Cakes is probably my favorite Food Network show!

Courtney N said...

Its a Nightmare Before Christmas cake!!

Arlene said...

love the cake. Not sure how your dad (or future fiancee) will like it but I love it.