Sunday, July 6, 2008

My UK Trip: Part IV The Adventure Ends

Days 11-16: Inverness and Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; and back home

Day 11: Inverness, Scotland
- Bank Holiday
- Left Glasgow for Inverness
- Went on a tour of the Loch Ness: a bus tour, cruise of the Loch, walked around Urguhart Castle, and looked for Nessy
- Walked around Inverness at night time and saw more sights

Day 12: Inverness to Edinburgh
- Train to Edinburgh
- Saw the Scottish Jewels and the Stone of Destiny at the Edinburgh Castle
- Went to other sights: The Palace of Hollyrood House and Sir Walter Scott Monument
- We met a crazy store owner who made fun of us for being Americans. He was hilarious! He also made fun of Hilary Clinton... Sorry I didn't get a picture of him : (

Day 13: Edinburgh
- We woke up early so we could go to the Palace of Hollyrood House before we had to catch our train to London
- The train ride back to London was 5 hours long!

Day 14: Back in London
- We decided to spend another day in London so we could see more sights
- Went to the Globe Theatre (watched some of the rehearsals)
- The British Museum: The Rosetta Stone, Greece and Rome artifacts, Egyptain mummies, most of the Parthenon (from Athens), etc. 
- The museum was unorganized but there were a lot of amazing things in there. I am really excited for Egypt now!
- We went to Buckingham Palace to check times for the changing of the guards

Day 15: London
- Westminster Abby:
- Saw Darwin, Newton, Charles Lyell, and Unknown Warrior Monuments
- The Monument to Lady Elizabeth Nightingale was my favorite
- The inside was beautiful and huge and completely worth it!
- We went back to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards
- They have a huge parade just for the changing of a few guards

Day 16-17: The Longest Days of my Life
- Took a train from London to Gatwick
- Flew from Gatwick to Newark, NJ
- Our flight from Newark to DC got delayed and eventually canceled
- We ended up sitting in line for 3 hours to get some customer support and as a result we had to sleep in the airport on the floor
- Instead of going to DC to catch our connecting flight (which we missed) we decided to go straight home to SLC
- After spending a lot more money and time, we ended up in SLC with no luggage and no sleep
- Don't worry, our bags came a few days later

After 17 days, 1 hotel, 8 hostels, 12 cities, 21 train rides, 3 transportation systems (Metro in DC, Underground in London, Subway in Glasgow), Taxi rides, Bus rides, and a lot of walking, we made it back home!


Sy said...

Hey, how you been? It has been awhile. Glad to see that you got your photo/journal up. Good job.

Lauren Jayne said...

Dude. Courtney Neilson. You have a blog. I love blogs. I am adding a link to yours on my blog!