Sunday, August 22, 2010

If I smack you... I'm not sorry

I fly a lot so I know how the system works.

I know not to wear belts or shoes.

I know about early check in.

I know to have my ID ready at all times.

I know where all the Starbucks in the airport are : )

I'll just say it...

I'm a flying pro.

I understand that most people don't travel as much as me and that's fine. HOWEVER, common sense is essential.

My biggest beef about flying: baggage claim.

Ok I know we are all in a hurry to get our bags and get on with our lives but do you really need to crowd around the baggage claim carousel? Just stand back a few feet, wait for your bag to come, step up to the carousel, grab your bag, and get out of the way. Easy right?! No. People feel like they need to crowd around the carousel and wait for their bags. They won't come any faster this way... trust me.

Multiple times I've had to push through people just so I can get my bag. Then when I finally reach it I have to pull it off the carousel in such a hurry and with such force that it ends up smacking someone. Do I apologize? Of course. Do I mean it? Hell no. If you weren't crowding the carousel then I wouldn't have to hit you with my 50 lb bag. Your fault. Not mine.

Solution: Don't crowd and be generous.

**Stay tuned for my Alaska pictures! BUT if you want to see some now visit my sister-in-laws blog AND she's a better photographer then I am!**


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this post is a gem of laughter.

Aubrey said...

I have felt this way for years, and you should see me, I try to get others to join my cause like standing nearby saying "oh, look at the nice yellow line they painted for everyone to stand behind until their bag comes to them" ugh! Thanks for the post...changing the world one post at a time! happy belate birthday...I'm having a hard time with internet these days because we've been moving but I was thinking of you.

Rach said...

I know EXACTLY what you're saying, seriously. I don't say sorry, I look at them like, "How dare you!?, stand in my way. And I make it look like they are completely making it difficult...hahah the look on their faces like they don't know what they are doing wrong, is PRICELESS! I love the photos! They are great, it looks like your birthday was a hit too!

Leslie Elaine said...

Well, I understand but ever since I saw someone walk away with one of my bags-I try to get mine ASAP.

Funny story, so I was trying to grab one of my bags but it was really heavy, not so much that I had to pay more, but it was behind another bag which made it harder to grab. Again, since someone had tried taking a bag before, I didn't let go yet no one helped me either. So pretty much I was riding the carousel and people wouldn't move so I might've kicked a few people.