Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I clean up good

Yes, I know I look like a construction worker. Yes, I know I look like a hobo. Yes, I know I look like a goober. But hey, I work outside! I work in temperatures varying from freezing to 120 degrees! I work in snow, rain, hail, wind, or sun! I dress for the weather and for the work. I wear big boots, a bandana, and large sunglasses. I'm covered in dirt and sweat. I have holes in my clothes (you would too if you were climbing over barbed wire fences and pushing your way through dense forest all day). I don't want to look fashionable. I don't need to look all fancy. I don't need to wear makeup and do my hair. I'm at work!

But you know what someone told me the other day?

"Hey, you clean up good!"

He may be the only one that thinks that...

You be the judge and let me know.


UNEV excavation (summer 2009)
[Me, Casey, and Nate]

UNEV excavation (summer 2009)
[Me and Katie]

Survey (winter 2008)
[Me going "Hoth Style"]

UNEV excavation (summer 2009)

Survey (winter 2008)
[Me waiting at the end of a burley transect]

UNEV excavation (summer 2009)

Sand Hollow II excavation (summer 2007)
[Me enjoying the last day of excavation]


Katey and Paul's wedding (December 2009)
[Me and Katey]

Summer 2009

Girls night out in Vegas (summer 2009)
[Emily and Me]

[Adam and Me]
Come on Adam! Why can't you smile for me?!

Yes, I like to dress up. Yes, I LOVE to wear high heels! Yes, I like to have my girl friends do my hair and makeup and get me all fancy so we can go out on the town!

If I dressed up everyday then I really wouldn't get the chance to "clean up good"... now would I?


Emily Brooke said...

all i have to say is you are a sexy hot woman all the time. i'd tap that.


Nate and Malorie said...

of course you clean up real nice :) and the dirty look is sexy. people dont know what they are talking about. we look good either way!

Leslie Elaine said...

You're so cute-of course you clean up good! And I'm sure every guy loves that you can get down and dirty! ;)

Lacey Lue said...

hey, how you doing?