Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mediterranean Cruise: Part VI

Monday, May 30, 2011 {Ephesus, Turkey}

- First stop: House of the Virgin Mary. This is where Virgin Mary is believed to have spent the last years of her life. It is believed that Jesus asked John to take care of his mother after he died so John took Mary here and kept her hidden.

[The sacred house where the Virgin Mary lived]

[Me getting water at the fresh water spring by the house]

- After visiting the sacred site we headed to Ephesus. This ancient city used to be an important port city until it was abandoned in 700 AD. Since then the city has been destroyed by earthquakes and was completely buried before excavations started. Excavations have been going on here for over 100 years and only 15 percent of the city is revealed!

[The symbol for medicine]

[Temple of Hadrian]

[Public toilets. The men used to come here to do their business while they talked with other people about politics and news]


[The famous Library of Celsus]

[The Theatre]

- Ephesus was one of the most spectacular sites I have ever been to. As Heidi and I were walking around the area we were in shock! I wish we could have spent more time here but, alas, we had to head back to the ship so we could head to Santorini!


Ashley said...

Gotta love those public toilets =D

Leslie Elaine said...

Love the pictures, especially the toilet one. I can't believe they have been doing excavation for 100 years and only at 15%?! Go get there girl and dig in!