Monday, July 16, 2012

Following the Path of the Ancient Ones: Part IV


We left Bloomfield, New Mexico early on the morning of July 4th and headed south towards Chaco Culture National Historic Park!

This was it! This was the moment I have been waiting for for such a long time!

We got to the park and headed to the visitor center. I headed to the first Ranger that I saw and asked if I could see the famous Chocolate Jars. I was informed that the jars were not there, but were likely at the Smithsonian in DC. Bummer. Oh well. I didn't let that news get me down too much. I still had my Chaco T-Shaped Doors to find!

Josh and I left the visitor center and headed out into the park.

We explored six different pueblos during our journey:

Hungo Pavi - Chacoan Great House (1000-1250s AD)

[Look at those walls!]

Chetro Ketl - Chacoan Great House (950-1250s AD)

[Me giving Josh a tour]

[Great Kiva]

Casa Rinconada - Chacoan Great Kiva (1075-1250s AD)

[Kiva on top of Kiva on top of Kiva]

[Largest Great Kiva known]

Una Vida - Chacoan Great House (850-1250s AD)

Pueblo Bonito - Chacoan Great House (850-1250s AD)

[Great Kiva]

[Three stories!]

[Solar Window]

[I finally found my Chacoan T-Shaped Door!]

[Pueblo Del Arroyo]

We took guided tours of both Pueblo Bonito and Pueblo Del Arroyo but due to a lightning storm rolling in, our tour of Pueblo Del Arroyo was cut short.

After that Josh and I headed back to camp to have a chili dog dinner and to watch the storm roll in.


[Watching the sky]

[Storm's a brewin']

[My rockin tan line]

[Trying to be artistic]

Even though we didn't get to see fireworks on the 4th of July we still got to see a show when the lightning storms lit up the night sky!

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