Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Scenic Drive

Josh and I like to drive around and explore new places. We just drive and see where we end up. It's nice and really relaxing.

On June 24, Josh and I headed north on I-15. We got off at Beaver and headed east up Beaver Canyon. 

We soon intersected a "Detour" sign which took us on a dirt road which lead up into the mountains. High into the mountains. 

On this road we saw cute cabins and a lot of high mountain lakes. It was gorgeous!

After 20 miles or so, we met back up with the original road and continued east.

We eventually hit a small town called Junction. From here we headed north on the UT-89 and stopped at Piute Reservoir.

After seeing the reservoir, we headed south on the 89 (back pass Junction) and down towards Panguitch. 

At Panguitch we jumped on the UT-143 and headed back west towards home. On this road we passed the beautiful Panguitch Lake, Cedar Breaks, and even saw some sheep!

 It was during this drive that Josh and I decided I would take a week off of work so we could go on a legendary road trip! We talked about where we would go and what we would see. Stay turned for post about our Southwest/4 Corners trip!

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