Saturday, July 14, 2012

Following the Path of the Ancient Ones: Part III

We had to see one more archaeological site before leaving Colorado: The Lowry Pueblo.

[More T-Shaped Doors]

The site had areas that were really well preserved so the BLM built a roof over the area to help with preservation.

A Great Kiva

After seeing the Lowry Pueblo we headed to New Mexico via Durango, Colorado.

It was a very nice, quite, mountain town that had a Park City feel to it.

[Josh and an old train]

[A train that will take you to Silverton] 

After walking through downtown Durango, Josh and I left Colorado and headed to New Mexico.

Our first stop in New Mexico was the Aztec Ruins National Park.

This site gave us a small taste of what Chaco would be like. This 450 room pueblo was built in 1100 AD and completely abandoned by 1300 AD (like most of the other sites in the Southwest).


[The Ruins]

[Restored Great Kiva]

[Original roof inside the Pueblo]

[T-Shaped Doors]

Right down the road from the Aztec Ruins are the Salmon Ruins. Even though the pueblos would have look similar during the time of use, the Salmon Ruins are not as well taken care of today. This made me a little sad.

We ended up spending the night in Bloomfield, New Mexico at a nice hotel. It was nice to take a small break from camping. Plus, I wanted to be refreshed for our next stop: Chaco!

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