Thursday, September 5, 2013

To Indiana!

After one of the longest and most stressful weeks (was it only a week?!) of my freakin' life, we are finally heading to Indiana!

We got up early on Thursday (August 29th), and headed to our new home with our new home. It was a pretty smooth ride. I drove my X Terra and lead the way while Josh followed and focused on pulling the Raptor. We took a few detours in order to avoid Chicago and the surrounding cities and in the end it only took us an hour out of our way. 

During the drive I called some friends and family member and told them about the engagement (I told my immediate family the night it happened). I loved hearing everyone scream and cheer when I told them the good news :-)

I'm glad we left Wisconsin so early because we had a HARD time parking the Raptor once we got to the RV park. That thing is a beast and the RV park is next to a lake in a wooded area so there are a lot of big trees around. It was hard to maneuver the Raptor into the tight spot but with the help of Zinc (a fellow inspector) we were able to get it in and all set up!

We had to make sure that everything that wasn't in the cupboards was placed on the floor so they would be safe during the ride there. Apparently Josh hit a bump and the big tupperware that holds the flour flew out of the cupboard and landed on one of my Egyptian papyrus paintings! Luckily, the actual painting wasn't damaged, just the glass and the frame broke. That was our only causality so I will count my blessings!  

We have been here for a week now and things are going pretty well. We got the Raptor all set up (complete with water and power) in the RV park, Josh started his job (he's been training in Michigan all this week), I've been running around town doing errands (I had a two page long "to do list" for when we got here), and we have DIRECTV (with the NFL and NBA packages)! 

[Our first meal in our new home]

Oh bummer... I just got bad news. Josh's crapy old truck broke down. It was old and had almost 300,000 miles on it. It looks like he already found and bought an old Jeep Liberty for cheap. You can't buy nice new vehicles and take them onto the rough pipeline right-of-way (ROW) or else they will get destroyed. Gotta buy something cheap that you can beat up a bit. I hope this one last a while!

I think she's adorable! :-)

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