Friday, September 6, 2013

Woke up in Michigan, Had Lunch in Wisconsin, and Went to Bed in Indiana

According to Wisconsin law, after purchasing a vehicle you have two days to register it.

Like I said before, Josh's truck broke down while he was training in Michigan for the week. We needed a replacement quickly and luckily Josh found a nice Jeep Liberty in Kalamazoo, MI that he wanted. 

We talked about it and decided it was a good deal. The only problem was that I was 90 minutes away in Indiana in the Raptor with Josh's check book. 

I drove up yesterday morning (September 5th) to Kalamazoo where Josh and I went over and purchased the Jeep. Let me just say this: Used car salesmen are a special breed. Ugh. I'm so sick of salesmen right now...

Anyways, after we purchased the Jeep we had to come up with a plan to get it registered and get plates quickly (it's a $200 fine if a cop catches you without plates). 

We decided that the only way to avoid breaking the law would be for me to drive up to the nearest Wisconsin DMV to register the Jeep. 

The nearest DMV was 3.5 hours away and I would have to go around Lake Michigan and through Chicago to get there. 

The next morning I took the Jeep and headed out on my newest adventure. 

I drove from Kalamazoo, Michigan and through Indiana before I hit the mess of Chicago. I was excited to see the city BUT I was NOT in the mood to deal with traffic! Plus, it's been a while since I've had to deal with such traffic. Remember, I've been living in Kenmare, ND for the last 8 months where there were no traffic lights and only one 4-way stop sign. If you got to the 4-way stop sign and someone else was there THAT was considered traffic!

So I inched my way through Chicago and made it to the Wisconsin border and found the DMV. The process was pretty painless (unlike the DMVs in CA) and I was able to register the Jeep and get plates! Score!

Then I realized my next hurdle: I had no way of putting the plates on the Jeep *smacks head* This goober forgot a screwdriver! I was surprised I made it all the way to Wisconsin without getting pulled over and I wasn't going to risk it again. 

So, I found a Target and picked up a few necessary items: a Starbucks Frappuccino, Cheese Puffs, and a screwdriver. 

Using my new tools I was able to attach both plates! Girl power!

I then left Wisconsin, headed south, and hit Chicago right at rush hour. It was painful. Literally. The drivers there are freakin' crazy and I was constantly hitting my breaks. My ankle is sore from the whole ordeal. 

And now I am back in the comfort of the Raptor in Indiana with my legal Jeep! I hope that thing was worth all this trouble   :-)

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Ashley said...

I ALWAYS bring a screwdriver with me everywhere I move! And duct tape! And if the weight limit allows, a hammer. Always so useful!