Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Epic Fall Road Trip - Part III: Michigan

Wednesday, October 26th:

We got up early the next morning and started the long drive across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from Superior, Wisconsin to Mackinaw City, Michigan.

TREES! Eek! The UP is beautiful! Not only are the trees bigger but they still have their leaves!

[Christmas, Michigan]

We stopped for a quick lunch at the Corner Cafe in Champion. The food was fine, but the entertainment was great! Apparently, we had stumbled into a local Cafe and it was full of the locals arguing about Trump and Clinton. After much debate we (the patrons at the Cafe) received a 90 second lecture from a man (which made no sense to me), which he ended by saying, "AND THAT, WHAT I JUST SAID, IS MY LIFE'S WORK!" We sat quietly in the corner booth, ate our sandwiches, giggled occasionally, and then left.

After a few more hours of listening to Harry Potter, we arrived at Mackinac Bridge.


We drove across the bridge and found ourselves in Mackinaw City. We found the downtown area where we quickly became surrounded by fudge shops! YUM! Of course, we HAD to buy a few large pieces (the lady at the shop said Mackinaw City was know for its fudge)!

 After making our purchase we walked over to Scalawags Whitefish & Chips for dinner. We got a few fried pieces of fish, some chips, and hushpuppies! It was all delicious!

After dinner we drove back across the bridge to our hotel in St Ignace. We ate some fudge and went to bed early since we knew our next day was going to be a LONG one!

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