Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Epic Fall Road Trip - Part X: Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland

Wednesday, November 9th:

We left New York City, drove through New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and arrived in a rainy Philadelphia.

We first headed to the Visitor Center to get tickets for Independence Hall. Since we had a couple hours to kill, we walked across the street to see the Liberty Bell!

After seeing the Liberty Bell we walked passed Independence Hall to Sonny's to get some of their famous cheesesteaks with whiz!


[Old City Hall] 

We then walked back to Independence Hall so we could go on our tour of the interior.

[Independence Hall]


[American Philosophical Society]

[Independence Hall] 

We first went into the Supreme Court Room.

Then we crossed the Center Hall and went into the Assembly Room where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were debated, drafted and signed. 


[Washington's chair!]
[Second Floor]

Our tour got me really excited to see the actual Declaration of Independence and Constitution, which are at the National Archives Building in Washington DC!

Next, we walked to the Christ Church Burial Ground to see Benjamin Franklin's Grave. The graveyard was closed but we were able to see his grave through the fence.


After paying our respects to Mr. Franklin, we walked pass the Betsy Ross House (also closed), and over to Elfreth's Alley, which is the oldest residential street in the United States (dating to 1702). 

[Betsy Ross House]

[Elfreth's Alley] 


Elfreth's Alley was so cute and old but, due to the weather, most things were closed. Bummer. We then walked back to our car, in the pouring rain, and checked the map to see if there was anything else we wanted to see while we were in Philly. We then drove over to the Art Museum to see the famous "Rocky Steps". At this point the rain was even heavier so we decided to just drive by and not get out.

We then left Philadelphia and drove to Wilmington, Delaware, to see Market Street and The Grand Opera House.

We parked along Market Street, walked to the Opera House, and then went and got Starbucks since it was still raining and cold!

[The Grand Opera House]

[Market Street]

[Hot chocolate!]

We then left gloomy Delaware and headed to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, November 10th:

The next morning we got up and went to the Gettysburg Visitor Center. I severely underestimated how much there was to see and I knew very little about the battle, so we decided to hire a historian who drives your car and takes you around the area. 

As our tour guide drove us around I began to get overwhelmed by the vastness of the site and the amount of information he was giving us. It also didn't help that I wasn't feeling well.


We drove all over Gettysburg! Every so often we would stop and get out and our tour guide would describe to us what we were looking at. Like I said, it was a little overwhelming and our tour guide talked to us like we were children (which was annoying).

After our tour we went back into the City of Gettysburg. We found a few buildings that had bullet holes in them from the July 1863 battle!

We then drove to the David Willis House which is where Abraham Lincoln finished his Gettysburg Address.

[David Willis House]

We then left Gettysburg and headed to Baltimore, Maryland, so we could get the "worlds best crab cakes" at Faidley Seafood in Lexington Market!

We walked into the Market, found Faidley Seafood, ordered our crabcakes and lobster bisque, and went and found a table to stand at (no chairs, standing room only).

After a few minutes they called our names and we got our HUGE crabcakes and lobster bisque!

I have never seen so much crab in one crabcake before! They were so delicious!

We then left Baltimore and headed to our hotel in Pentagon City!

Well, it turns out I had been battling a migraine all day long. Luckily, it didn't hit me hard until we got to our hotel. So, I ended up going to bed early :-(

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