Tuesday, July 11, 2017

35 Week Sonogram, Hospital Tour, and Echocardiogram

Josh and I had a very busy, baby-centric day today. 

We left home at 9 AM and drove to Peoria. Since we knew we would have a long day, we went to a local BBQ joint (The Blue Duck) and got some delicious BBQ before heading to the hospital for our 12:30 sonogram appointment.

The sonogram went pretty quickly. The technician checked his brain and heart before getting some cute pictures of his face. At first he was cooperating and we got a few cute pictures of his face but then he got a little feisty and started scowling at us! The technician was laughing pretty hard. I love his little attitude!

 [Happy baby]


After the sonogram was done, Dr. Leonardi came in and told us that there was "no change" and that I'll need to come back next week for my 36 week sonogram.

Next, we were taken on a tour of Labor and Delivery. The nurse showed us some of the nice, large rooms that I could be delivering in. She also showed us where the OR was just in case. 


After seeing Labor and Delivery we were taken to the NICU where we met with a nurse named Megan. She took us into one of the many brand new NICU rooms. We sat in the NICU room with the nurse while she explained what happens while the babies are in the NICU. She told us that there is a whole group of NICU doctors and nurses that will come in daily (along with our Pediatric Neurosurgeon and our Pediatric Cardiologist) to check on our baby. It was all a little overwhelming and I can't get pass the thought of my little baby hooked up to all those wires, but I know he will be in great hands.

After seeing the NICU we went and had an echocardiogram done. Baby boy seemed really tired of being looked at today and he was a little hard to capture. After about 45 minutes, the technician got what she needed and we were able to meet with the Pediatric Cardiologist, Dr. Albaro.

Dr. Albaro showed us some of the video and pictures there were able to get of the baby's heart. She then explained to us how the heart works and that his heart developed correctly (good news), but that the right side of his heart was working a little harder than the left side. She said this was "minor" and that it is common with Vein of Galen malformations. I asked her if we needed to come back for more echocardiograms and she said no and that Dr. Leonardi was aware of the situation and he will continue to monitor the heart during my weekly sonogram. We then talked about different medicines that the baby may need to be on after he is born so he doesn't go into heart failure.

After our meeting with Dr. Albaro, Josh and I left the hospital and headed to the hospital in Ottawa so we could attend our second baby class.

During this class we learned more about breathing techniques and what actually happens before, during, and after labor. I'm so nervous... and excited... and really scared! 

We got home after 9 and reflected on our day before heading to bed. I am so grateful for our team of doctors that will be watching over our little guy for the next few months. I believe he is in great hands and that they are genuinely concerned about us and our situation.

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