Friday, July 28, 2017

37 Week Sonogram and My Happy Baby

On Monday, July 24th, I went and saw my midwife, Heather, for the last time. I was really sad and so was she. Because of my High Risk pregnancy I have to deliver at another hospital and she can't deliver me. It just sucks because I have been going to her for seven months now and, not only was I so excited to have a midwife, I really trusted her and we had a great birth plan. Bummer. At the end of my check up, she hugged me and wished me good luck. I miss her already, but I know that delivering in Peoria is what is best for me and our little one.

On Wednesday, Josh and I went to Peoria for my 37 Week Sonogram. Baby was super active, but was being shy and a little stubborn. After the sonogram Dr. Leonardi came in and told us that he wants to push back inducing me. He said that the baby's heart and brain still look good and as long as he is "happy and healthy in there" they are going to let him be. 

[He loves to have his hands on his face]

[I love his chubby cheeks!]

To be honest I was hoping to be induced next week because he is getting big and running out of room, BUT I know that letting him cook for another week or so is better for him in the long run. 


Leslie Elaine said...

Good luck! The home stretch! I always loved seeing my belly move, so unreal!

Stephanie said...

Oh man! I'm just catching up on everything. I saw instagram, but have fallen behind in the blog world. What a crazy ride! So glad Theo is here and doing well. I will continue to pray for Theo and your family.