Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Am In History

"Did you find anything cool?"

This is usually the first thing people ask me after I tell them what I do. I usually respond with and sigh and then some kind of cheesy joke about rusted tin cans. But now I can actually say that I have found something pretty cool. 

On survey out by Tremonton, UT, we came across the town site of Kosmo. Now this was once a town that the Transcontinental Railroad went through. At one point around 200 people lived here.

Above are pictures of all that is left of a loading dock for the railroad.

This is a foundation of a house. There were about 25 of these total that we found in the town. I actually came across this one. I almost fell in because it is completely covered by salt brush.

This is Sam pointing to the old railroad. It's like we were standing on history!

This is me and Sam going "Hoth Style"

With the temperature being below freezing and the 40 mile per hour winds, we have to find ways to keep warm and be happy.

So when all is said and done, finding that ghost town was worth the freezing cold. There was a strange feeling when I was standing on the site where the Transcontinental railroad once was.

Well there you go... yes I did find something cool!

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The Rasmussen's said...

That's awesome court. That's amazing you get to see history that up close.