Friday, June 5, 2009

From The City Of Lights To The Eternal City: Part VI

Thursday, May 21 {Siena, Rome}
Rome or bust!

Left Florence via train and headed to Siena.

We got to Siena and took a bus into the city center.

It was gorgeous! The streets were narrow and hilly and the buildings were large. It reminded me of Florence but it was quieter... which was nice.

On our way to the Duomo we walked past the Church of San Domenico. 

The Cathedral (Duomo) was a lot like the Duomo in Florence, beautiful and huge!

After seeing the Duomo, we went and got gelatos and then we sat in the Piazza Del Campo in the shadow of the large Torre del Mangia.

We sat in the shadow for a long time (moving with the sun) and just enjoyed the scenery.

We walked back though the city and went and got huge pieces of pizza for lunch.

After enjoying the city, we hopped on a train and headed for Rome.

The train ride was long but we sat in first class (because no one was on the train) so it was ok.

We arrived in Rome, found our hostel, and dropped of our big backpacks.

Instead of spending the night in the hostel we decided to head out into the Eternal City. 

First stop, the Spanish Steps (we came upon it from the top and didn’t recognize it at first). 

After taking our pictures, we headed to the Trevi Fountain.

We took pictures and threw coins in the fountain (if you make a wish and throw a coin in you are guaranteed to come back to Rome).

The sun was setting so we decided to stay there until the sun was down and we could see the fountain when it was all lit up.

Both the steps and the fountain were really crowded but worth seeing.

We decided to call it a night and took the underground back to the hostel.

Tomorrow: The Vatican

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